Thank you for taking time to learn more about HenterLaw. Everyone faces new challenges and changes throughout their lives. Sometimes these are welome, and sometimes not. These days, however, it seems that more and more situations require a proper legal analysis to be fully prepared.

When these challenges occur, our clients can rely on us to help them understand the legal issues involved, explain their options, and take decisive action. We are committed to bringing cost-effective approaches to all matters, from the simple to the complex. The firm is responsive, attentive, and flexible, regardless of the matter, and believes in treating all people, clients or not, with dignity and respect.

Every case and every client is different, with different needs, considerations, and desires. We understand that, and combine effective legal strategies with a personalized approach to help our clients obtain the results they deserve.

HenterLaw was originally founded in 2001 to provide legal assistance to individuals and families with mental health issues and disabilities. While providing such assistance remains at the heart of his legal business, Mr. Henter’s practice has expanded to represent clients throughout all of Virginia in the areas of labor and employment law (discrimination, harassment, contracts, disability accommodations, grievance hearings), education and college law (student discipline, honor code violations, due process issues, disability accommodations, special education), mental health law, civil rights, appellate litigation, and immigration law.

Please read more about our founding lawyer, Charles M. Henter, or contact us with any issues you may have.

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