At HenterLaw, we represent both employers and employees in employment and labor disputes throughout Virginia. “Employment & Labor Law” encompasses all federal and state laws and regulations that involve the workplace. We aggressively represent our clients in all areas in this field and have been named as one of the best lawyers in Virginia in this field as well.* For example, HenterLaw has recently counseled our clients on and litigated the following issues:

  • employment-related contracts, including physician agreements;
  • non-competition and non-solicitation agreements;
  • discrimination because of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, and age;
  • harassment or hostile work environment claims;
  • wrongful discharge or termination;
  • grievance hearings for employees facing discipline or termination;
  • defending professionals before licensing boards (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, etc.)
  • unpaid overtime and wage disputes;
  • unfair competition;
  • misappropriation of trade secrets;
  • whistleblower and anti-retaliation protections;
  • employment benefits and executive compensation;
  • ERISA benefits, litigation, and appeals;
  • health insurance disuptes; and
  • employee privacy issues.

Although HenterLaw has successfully represented employees against some of the largest employers in the United States, it occasionally counsels select businesses on how to comply with various labor and employment laws. Mr. Henter’s experience as an Adjunct Professor of Employment Law and Employment Discrimination keeps his knowledge on the cutting edge of the field in this ever-expanding area of the law.

We offer initial consultations for a reasonable fee where we can review your case and let you know your options, as well as your rights. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact us here.

At this page, you can find HenterLaw’s top ten list of tips that we think all employees should know, whether or not they may need a lawyer.

We are often asked why we charge a consultation fee when some other firms may not.

At HenterLaw, we believe in giving valuable advice to our clients. You will find that in most cases with firms that offer you a free consultation, all you are really getting is a chance to tell your story to a paralegal, or if you are lucky, a junior or inexperienced attorney. That person will then decide whether or not to help you, but you will rarely receive any advice or legal information. At HenterLaw, we do not think that is a particularly helpful way to conduct business.

Employment law is an ever-changing field. Courts routinely decide cases each week that alter one aspect or another of this area of law. Mr. Henter constantly monitors this area for his law practice, as well as in preparation for his teaching duties. It is his knowledge and experience you will be receiving in a consultation, not that of an assistant or junior lawyer.

In a consultation with Mr. Henter, he will not only tell you whether we are willing to help you, he will also explain the law to you. We will let you know what your legal options are, what the weaknesses of your case may be, and what you may need to do to strengthen your case. We are always pleased when clients, at the end of the consultation, say how helpful we were in explaining their case to them. We believe that a consultation with an attorney at HenterLaw is a real value to our clients, and it is worth a reasonable fee.

If you are interested in a consultation with Mr. Henter, please contact us here. Mr. Henter charges $140 per half-hour ($280 per hour) for his consultations, whether in person or over the telephone.

If you are not sure if you need to hire an attorney or need legal assistance, please review this page for times when we suggest that an attorney is most useful.

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