We started HenterLaw to provide legal advice, counseling, and representation to individuals with mental health concerns and mental illnesses, as well as their families. Our practice in this field is broad; we are asked to consult with other attorneys and professionals nationwide, even families and advocacy groups, on mental health issues.

People who have mental illnesses often need legal representation and advice throughout their lifetimes. When they are younger, they may need assistance obtaining the education they deserve, whether through reasonable accommodations or other resources. As they grow older, they may need assistance holding onto a job, whether because of unfair stereotypes and discrimination, or because they are not obtaining the necessary help on the job to do their work. Finally, throughout their lives, they frequently need assistance from time to time for such issues as treatment, privacy concerns, criminal charges, civil rights, or other matters. At HenterLaw, we are proud to help.

Below is just a sample of how we help our clients with mental health and illness issues:

  • Client counseling, also including families when appropriate;
  • Employment and disability discrimination, including harassment and wrongful discharge;
  • Negotiating reasonable accommodations with employers and schools (elementary, secondary, college);
  • Concerns about treatment;
  • Medical and employee privacy issues;
  • Civil commitment;
  • Assisting criminal defense attorneys with mental health issues;
  • Criminal sentencing issues related to mental health concerns;
  • Access to public spaces, including getting trespassing warrants removed;
  • Health care and insurance disputes;
  • Civil rights violations;
  • Health professional counseling; and
  • Appeals.

Below is a sample of some of the illnesses our clients have had:

  • Bipolar disorder;
  • Major depressive disorder;
  • Schizophrenia;
  • Autism spectrum disorders;
  • Alcohol and drug addictions;
  • Learning disorders;
  • Attention-deficit and conduct disorders;
  • Developmental disorders;
  • Panic and other anxiety disorders; and
  • Personality disorders.

Further, if you contact us and we are not able to assist you, we will try to help you find an attorney who may be able to help you. For example, we frequently help families who have advance medical care planning or estate planning concerns find effective representation.

We offer initial consultations for a reasonable fee where we can review your case and let you know your options, as well as your rights. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact us here.

We are often asked why we charge a consultation fee when some other firms may not.

At HenterLaw, we believe in giving valuable advice to our clients. You will find that in most cases with firms that offer you a free consultation, all you are really getting is a chance to tell your story to a paralegal, or if you are lucky, a junior or inexperienced attorney. That person will then decide whether or not to help you, but you will rarely receive any advice or legal information. At HenterLaw, we do not think that is a particularly helpful way to conduct business.

In a consultation with Mr. Henter, he will not only tell you whether we are willing to help you, he will also explain the law to you. We will let you know what your legal options are, what the weaknesses of your case may be, and what you may need to do to strengthen your case if appropriate. We are always pleased when clients, at the end of the consultation, say how helpful we were in explaining their case to them. We believe that a consultation with an attorney at HenterLaw is a real value to our clients, and it is worth a reasonable fee.

If you are interested in a consultation with Mr. Henter, please contact us here. Mr. Henter charges $140 for a half-hour consultation, and $280 for an hour, whether in person or over the telephone.

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