At HenterLaw, at our core, we are a civil rights law firm. When you fight employers and education institutions over racism, sexism, harassment, or similar kinds of issues, you are fighting for civil rights. Mr. Henter has been representing civil rights clients since 2000, and is proud to do so.

Unlike laws passed by Congress that may control what a private citizen or business may do, civil rights cases can also be about when the government may have hurt you. With the extensive government we have today, it may be the police, a school, a university, a governmental employer, or even an unfair application of the law that has violated your rights. Too few lawyers appreciate that the essence of being a lawyer is fighting for the powerless against the powerful. At HenterLaw, nothing makes us happier.

We have recently helped our clients with the following civil rights issues:

  • Wrongful arrest by police;
  • Prisoner’s rights and access to health care;
  • First Amendment and whistleblower retaliation;
  • Unlawful search and seizure in a public school;
  • School discipline for a student engaging in speech protected by the First Amendment;
  • School failing to give proper notice and an meaningful opportunity to be heard before discipline was imposed;
  • Religious discrimination; and
  • Substantive due process violations.

If you believe that someone in the government has violated your rights, please contact us.

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