Helping people who are disabled or sick was one of the reasons we opened HenterLaw PLC. We kept seeing people who, due to their illness, were being fired from work, thrown out of school, and otherwise set up to fail. We decided to do something about this. Years later, representing the disabled or ill remains one of the largest practice areas at HenterLaw PLC, especially when it comes to mental health concerns.

The truth is, many people have disabilities. Many more have temporary health concerns. Unfortunately, people often have to fight with employers, schools, and health insurers to obtain decent care and protect their rights. We are happy to help people obtain the care and treatment they deserve.

Below, you will find examples of how we have assisted people who are sick or disabled:

  • counseling and advising people about their rights and legal options;
  • counseling clients and their families about mental health and illness concerns;
  • helping people prove that they satisfy the legal definition of having a “disablity”;
  • fighting health care plans who are denying coverage (using laws such as ERISA);
  • helping people obtain reasonable accommodations and modifications;
  • helping students obtain the resources they need to succeed;
  • defending disabled students against disciplinary actions and dismissal;
  • harassment or hostile environment claims;
  • obtaining medical leave (FMLA) for employees and returning them to their jobs;
  • counseling the mentally ill; and
  • counseling people on legislative and regulatory changes to the ADA.

This is not a complete list. We are happy to speak to any person who is sick or disabled who believes his or her rights may have been violated, or just simply needs some legal assistance.

We offer initial consultations for a reasonable fee where we can review your case and let you know your options, as well as your rights. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact us here.

We are often asked why we charge a consultation fee when some other firms may not.

At HenterLaw, we believe in giving valuable advice to our clients. You will find that in most cases with firms that offer you a free consultation, all you are really getting is a chance to tell your story to a paralegal, or if you are lucky, a junior or inexperienced attorney. That person will then decide whether or not to help you, but you will rarely receive any advice or legal information. At HenterLaw, we do not think that is a particularly helpful way to conduct business.

In a consultation with Mr. Henter, he will not only tell you whether we are willing to help you, he will also explain the law to you. We will let you know what your legal options are, what the weaknesses of your case may be, and what you may need to do to strengthen your case if appropriate. We are always pleased when clients, at the end of the consultation, say how helpful we were in explaining their case to them. We believe that a consultation with an attorney at HenterLaw is a real value to our clients, and it is worth a reasonable fee.

If you are interested in a consultation with Mr. Henter, please contact us here. Mr. Henter charges $140 for a half-hour consultation, and $280 for an hour, whether in person or over the telephone.

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